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Hello there! I'm Helios and this is my blog for all my big fancomics! I have a few that I'm working on at the moment, and they will update every Sunday! I will also make small comics about my many OCs and many fandoms!

I hope you enjoy them!

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List of Big Comics

Drowned in Ink-Cover

[I will also have this comic I'm doing! When Bendy and the Ink Machine first came out, I had an ongoing fanfiction and comic where I put my own spin on the BATIM story! So, I'm revamping my comic and posting it here!

Read on for more!]

Summary: It's been 30 years since Henry Stein left Joey Drew Studios, and 30 years since he's seen his best friend, Joey Drew. He never really thought he would go back to the studio after leaving. But when Henry receives a letter asking him to come back from Joey, he thinks this could be a chance to reconnect with his old friend. However, not everything is at it appears to be. Henry will find himself on an adventure full of surprise and fright as he makes new friends, finds some old friends, and promises to stop the evil his best friend had summoned.

Warnings: Near Death, Angst, Blood, Violence

Genres: Adventure, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Action

The Broken Flame-Cover

[Hello, everyone! This blog for my comics will be a bit more active in the upcoming month, but for now, I will be posting the covers for my comics! This is the first one, my main Minecraft comic called, "The Broken Flame"

Read below for more info!

Summary: Queen Celina Rose-Coal is the queen of a small kingdom called Creatoria in the Creaturae server. She's got plenty of friends, a loving husband and a kingdom that loves her. She's heard every legend there is to know in Minecraftia, and there is only one she truly fears: Herobrine. Celina hoped that she would never have to meet this being face-to-face. But when Steve is attacked and left to die by Herobrine's hands, Celina rescues him and attracts the white eyed man to her home. She somehow manages to defeat him in combat, and in return, he must help her care for Steve. Along the way, Celina will change Herobrine and unlock his past in a way she could never have imagined. Join Celina and Herobrine on this journey full of friendship as they discover that even the darkest of people have the brightest of light inside them.

Warnings: Blood, Death, Near Death, Violence, Angst

Genres: Friendship, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Action, Angst

[Teaser] Coming Soon...

Coming in February 2021...


Hi there! I'm Helios and this blog will soon be the home to my main fancomic, my Minecraft comic whose story I've been working on for several years now! This comic is the basis of the story behind my Minecraft OC Ask Blog, and I'm so excited to bring this to you all! This story is my pride and joy!

I hope you'll stick around, everyone!